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Our Devon Rex kittens are pampered with love and attention. Our ideal type must have a small body, solid and muscular with a broad chest, with legs long and thin tail. We like large cheekbones, a stop evident, firm jaw and chin.

kittens are loving, sweet and elegant.

devon rex kittens Ragonius dei Folletti di Nerone

The Devon Rex kitten in the photograph is called Ragonius, he is a beautiful black baby smock. He is son of two wonderful Devon Rex: CH champion Ingrid Danail and Topo Gigio del girotondo dei Folletti. It 'a very nice photo, the Devon Rex kittens are truly extraordinary.

We like to have a fur coat, thin, short and curled over the complete body with a somewhat messy.

Our kittens are selected high quality and high standard, are elegant, with a fantastic curly-coat, a wonderful character and are healthy.

In particular we breed: devons color point, blue, lilac, tortie and we have kittens available in various periods of the year.

Our kittens live in Canada, Chuvash, Italy, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, France ...

Here are more photos of our beautiful kittens of previous litters.

Foto devon rex kittens:

devon rex   devon rex kitten torti   devon rex tortie point   devon rex
Name kitten: Romolo
  Name kitten:Quintia
  Name kitten:Regilla
  Name kitten:Soffio
small product photo   small product photo   small product photo   small product photo
Name kitten:Purpurea
  Name kitten:Quintilla
  Name kitten:Quirinus
  Name kitten:Regilla
small product photo   small product photo   small product photo   small product photo
Name kitten:Regula
  Name kitten:Romina
  Name kitten:Rufus II
  Name kitten:Rufus


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When the Devon Rex kittens comes to your home.

Our kittens leave home at 12 weeks, they are totally loved, kissed and handled. They are vaccinated at 8 weeks and 3-4 weeks later second vaccination.

Our devon rex kittens are vaccinated, wormed, with microchip, groomed, toilet trained.

Kitten can have moult about eight weeks of age. Although some kittens devon rex escape this moult phase, young people have their suede look until the adult coat begins to come in which can take anywhere from 6 months to a 1 year.

Devon Rex kittens are friendly, lively, affectionate, playful, intelligent, impish, enterprising and active.


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